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Game Request Page (Special)

Game Request Page (Special)

 Read The Rules (Below) Carefully Before Requesting!

  • Before request a game, enter game name in the Search box and must confirm that your requesting game is not uploaded!
  • Don’t request Multiplayer Online, Online servers and games that require you to be connected to the Internet!
  • Don’t request freeware games at all.
  • Don’t spam or promote other websites! You’ll Be Banned.
  • Pictures & Videos Not Allowed.
  • You Can Also Request Your Favorite File Hosting Site (Like: Mega, Mediafire,Google drive)
  • Don’t Be Rude, Racist & Sexist. Respect Your Peers!

Please read & fill this form carefully*

Full Game Name (Full Name is Required)

Your Working Email Address important

Your Request (New to Upload | Re-Upload | Upload In Parts) and Your Favourite Cloud name Mediafire, Google Drive etc important

Wrong information or half information can make the uploading of game delay (Our usual time to upload any requested game is  Under 1week)*
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